Burst On land the SpaceX rocket explosion

9:15 A.M. EST September 1, SpaceX, a rocket exploded before the flight. Victorias Secret Case

Burst! On land the SpaceX rocket explosion

As the rockets hadn’t yet taken off, so the explosion of land, very thrilling. According to witnesses, the explosion is very strong. Victorias Secret Case

Eat melons around said, surrounding buildings felt the explosion, you can see the smoke. However, according to SpaceX for the first time to break the news to CNN, there was no staff work on the platform, so the explosion caused no casualties.

SpaceX’s boss, ailong·masike, but also throughout the world CEO of Tesla electric car, he called the technology “the iron man”. Prior to that, his SpaceX has successfully completed eight space launches, and a land and sea rocket recovery.

The explosion of the rocket is Falcon 9th, carries a base station located in Israel’s telecommunications satellites. Because the cause of the blast is unknown, it is difficult to determine whether the accident will cause a major impact SpaceX.

However, I believe that ailong·masike the technology leaders will not be famous to try the accident knocked, human space exploration, never stops.

Victorias Secret Case


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