For incoming medical startups app PayPal thigh held several law

 High threshold of medical technology and the scarcity of resources objective, let big companies more inclined to cooperation and entrepreneurial companies. And more, we see startups and big companies co-hand scene, even borrowing Giants flow inlet and realize their value.

Tencent and Ali had entered the medical field, based on the company’s “genes” are different, they both are on different medical road.

 Tencent Internet + cooperative medical network of Lei feng, head of the Department, “said mobile medical application, ‘ move ‘ is Tencent’s advantage, but the ‘ medical ‘ context, Tencent was a toddler. “” The partner half-life to “Tencent Board Chairman Ma Huateng has positioned the company’s future development. Based on the rapid development of free medical, with more medical businesses, can achieve the same “connect” function.

On May 28, 2014, PayPal formally announced the “Hospital of the future” program. Under this program, PayPal opens its platform to medical institutions, including account system, mobile platforms, payment and financial solutions, credit, ox anti-fraud-proof capability, cloud computing, big data platform to help hospitals in the age of the mobile Internet becomes more efficient.

Future hospital currently in its second phase, in the process, pay is the most basic part, including improving payments efficiency, through Medicare, provide more payment channels and funding sources.

Lei feng’s network number with Alipay, micro-work closely with medical companies to access and understand, and for start-ups willing to provide “thigh hold” advice.

Method one: open interface, settled life services

Open interfaces that large companies and start-up companies reached an agreement which provides flow inlet and brand, and to provide appropriate services to support the latter.

On August 22, the city on-line services unified registration platform for micro-functions. Micro medical for cooperation is concerned, this is a “ripe” icing on the cake. Micro-physician-Director of marketing and public relations department Zhang Guimin Lei Feng network, said “the core of the cooperation between the two sides is to enable users to easily enjoy the convenience of Internet development. ”

For incoming medical startups app PayPal thigh held several law?

 “Registering the positioning of the platform, is to better connect patients and hospital, patient, to avoid unnecessary waiting and travel. Medical services and medical information are very professional and serious topic, information sharing is sure to play a greater value, but must be a precondition for information security. “Tencent’s Internet + cooperative medical network of Lei feng, head of the Department, said in the course of this cooperation, Tencent also play their” connection “the value of living mass of users and services converge, allowing users to enjoy the convenience.

In addition to the online registration platform, micro urban service also carries other medical services, including immunization query and Medicare online payments function. Three generations of technology is the micro and Alipay vaccination capabilities of the partner, and the two companies cooperate as “benefiting”.

In April of this year, three generations of its vaccine “adzuki bean seedling” formally cooperate with Alipay, shortly after vaccines query function on the micro-synchronous line. Three generations and the close cooperation with both companies, Chen Honglin, brand manager also has a lot of his sentiment.

In her view, PayPal and the app wants to give their users more useful services, but the vaccination industry high barriers to entry, and general health care is not the same, “thickness and depth of understanding of the business in this area is critical. “It also reaffirmed earlier referred to Lei Feng network technology barriers, are big important reason the company selection and medical start-ups.

In addition to the technical and resource demand, current affairs hot also plays a driving role. Vaccines event in March this year the whole community raised concerns about vaccination, and to some extent promote the process of cooperation between the two sides.

For incoming medical startups app PayPal thigh held several law?

Open interface advantage is obvious, flow entry allows the user to quickly form the perception of startups, and Platform for large companies, can also save user learning costs. For both applications, the active amount and remaining amount will not be affected. However, through this part of the interface that the user will become of adzuki bean seedling depth of active users, there are still some uncertainties.

Except for similar competing products on the market are many, vaccines, for example, related to the current mobile applications as well as around 100, the competition is intense. If the app at the same time cooperate with vaccine company, is going to make the exclusive advantages of adzuki bean seedling loss?

In response, Chen Honglin to Lei feng’s network, “said compared with other competitors, our products were originally designed, was based on the different needs of regional differences; also at the beginning of a national layout. “And may face competition, small fry and there is not much to worry about, even more powerful competitors entered, open interface to let the public know more about the” Internet + vaccination “new model.

Method two: outsourcing of technical cooperation

App of the year mobile payment and PayPal are online health care functions. In June this year society publication 17 pilot hospitals, Alipay, which obtain access authorization 16 hospitals.

Starting from last September, Alipay has communication and society. Upon approval, PayPal does not “solo”, but Medicare payment floor handed the task to the Guangzhou medical science and technology co., Ltd. And this is where cloud and other large companies–the way for the payment process to provide technical support and project operations.

For incoming medical startups app PayPal thigh held several law?

Medical technology COO to Lei Feng Lin Jiebing network said, and the process is not simple, involving four Government and public institutions, including Bureau of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Medical Center Hospital, Nanshan District Health Planning Committee, cooperation also has four system operators, including PayPal, human social systems, HIS system and medical technology.

“In this process, the cloud is a bridge for cooperation, provides a stable system of service support, and after on-line services operations. PayPal provides a convenient means of payment, as well as the introduction of eco-service application. ”

Lin Jiebing believes that mobile health products as a tool, a team high performance direct users to products and services, export users from offline to online. “Medical technology and is a complementary relationship between PayPal, we are required to do their, become the best partners in the industry. ”

Ant-gold suit said Wang Bo of Lei feng’s network, medical, PayPal welcomed the medical field are capable of high quality medical service company, through even contact platform for users and service needs.

Method three: “” the system should remain intact

Tencent Internet + free medical practice is an important part of main representatives are:

Hardware + service: Tencent employees hatching “doctor sugar” glucose meter;

Michael Kors iPad Air Case

Software: free love doctor App.

To make love doctor, for example, is a doctor based on micro-public management platform instrumentation. Certified doctors in the app platform, you can make love doctors APP quickly customize the public home page. This year, make love doctors and nine doctor group signed a cooperation agreement is a strong proof. Tencent “+ micro letters, public payment” basis, with the micro-mobile e-Commerce Portal for optimization with doctors, hospitals, and medical device connectivity, expanding medical information pathways to facilitate communication between the various subjects.

For incoming medical startups app PayPal thigh held several law?

Now, PayPal has grown from a simple third party payment tools into one-stop life platform, efforts over the user’s life. Lei feng’s network learned from Wang Bo, Alipay services relate mainly to the two directions of the city, the popularity of mobile payments is a health care also for mother and child users to provide more value-added services.

According to the survey, women’s and children’s groups for young parents behind, from life and payment habits, their dependence on mobile Internet in daily life also used online payment, everything from pregnancy to the child’s health problems, tend to seek services via the Internet. At present, accounted for women’s and children’s Hospital “Hospital of the future” 15%, through maternal and child class “Hospital of the future” in the crowd attending, 90% 80, after the parents, the average treatment time in half. Michael Kors iPad Air Case Michael Kors air Case

So, if you feel the company is not suitable for open interfaces or technical services, startups with unique medical resources, can also try on the premise of a reasonable assessment of large company advantage buy tickets on the bus.

And big companies can hand in hand is of course a good thing, but Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public concerns) also learned from the Exchange to avoid “big” issues, such as internal division of fine, complex organization, leading to a long approval process, some impact on the speed of cooperation and other issues.

But it’s still “at an acceptable level”, a cooperation with big companies in the telecommunications industry said, “in fact, all the key points of the two sides for the importance of the project, more attention is easier to mobilize internal resources regulation. “No matter how the situation, tilt of the project have access to resources and support is a top priority.

And this also we wish to see.

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Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

Ali YunOS 3.0 after upgrading, adaptation of millet in one breath 3 (Unicom Edition), Samsung S4, and famous models. After brushing the S4, look at millet 3 known for fever and brush open, finally couldn’t help but brush machine, to see how the experience right now.

Brushing machines

Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

And the last Samsung S4, official forums is card package.


Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

If you are using a third party recovery, can be executed directly after the pairs of brushes into the Ali YunOS. If this primary recovery, first flush a third party recovery, millet Forum can download the corresponding card Pack and bring their own recovery flush. Brushing machines total no more than 10 minutes, very quick and simple.

Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation
Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

Boot quickly into the Guide interface.

Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

Landed in the Guide interface Taobao account directly prompted to restore system settings, and shows the different backup time and models, this very user friendly.

Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

Even when first opened with the browser, and user tips for data recovery. Jump directly to other models after YunOS 3.0 downloads page.

Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

System has the version number to 3.0 1.


Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation
Additional choice for millet 3 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

Unlock down logic are not the same, background will display the weather animations, low power ring will become red.

Double-click the clock to call out music control, drag the lower-right corner of the camera button to the left to open the camera.

Systems support Sun mode, unlock if it detects the environment too bright or too dark after, will go directly into a black shape on a white background, so that users see.

Card icon, and the left-page “Service Centre” YunOS 3.0 is the most obvious feature.


Opening developer mode directly in the system settings screen, but only the USB debugging and animation speed adjustments option.


Long press the set key to call the speech Assistant, long pressing the Home key as works Manager. Version of the card than the S4, which is more flat, crossed closed and locked, with the support of one-click Cleanup.


Application notifications are important and common to two levels, permanent calendar of head, flow control entrance. Left notification directly call up the notification screen buttons, fast switching support for custom sorting. In addition, the meter version 3 Samsung S4 versions have not yet joined the speed display.

System application

Dialing, SMS and so on do very thin fresh, bring your own blacklist, strange number marking, Twitter common functionality such as synchronization.


Security Center contains permissions management, waste disposal, preventing harassment, power and flow control function.

Encryption, payment security, protection, security and other advanced features focused on privacy and account security.

Through streamlined layout of the IME, night mode, simplified and switching, even importing QR code scanned and geo-location, and many other features. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case


Camera does a fine, left and right strokes can “touch, video, scan code, Panorama” switch between several functions. Touch is similar among the United States, short microview video capture functionality.

Music system was that of music, music library, radio is rich in resources, supports advanced features such as timing off, music alarm clock.

Clock application thoroughly carried out the flat wind-plus, alarm clock can display the Bell from time, timers, you can directly drag and drop time.

Photo album integrated automatic and scheduled backup feature.

Up and down you can switch the day view, Subscribe to the calendar there in Taobao sale.

Calculator and compass, or even flat wind with the built-in browser is also improved. 


Is the card on the left side of the desktop “Service Center”, the animation and shadow blur effect is very delicate. “Reading, maps, news, movies, shopping, taxi, train, express, violate the” service in which almost all can think of life. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case


These cards through the Web app running, is a feature of early YunOS handed down. After three generations of development, high availability, click on the entry means that the input box, and because loaded content less open faster.


Application icon is a shortcut to cards, the notification Center. In music, calendar icon, you can call the playback controller and the to do list. Notice number generates digital markers, moving the icon within the calling application notification lists, and direct action.

Notifications can directly move the icon view, can replace a lot of the notification bar, is a nice large screen optimized.

Desktop provides a feature called zero, desktop two-finger zoom, drag a hidden drawer, but will need to hide or freeze the application in it, in the protection of privacy when he could wake in the background back against those rogue applications.


Privacy lock system security center integration, application files and can be locked. Gesture set password and secret security issues, just like a PayPal security system design.

Because system security features provided by the Centre, which has the highest permissions, this is the encryption advantages as compared to third-party encryption applications. And encrypting the file itself is encrypted, even if the file is copied and not viewing.

For security and performance

In order to keep accounts, especially the PayPal Security, machine root difficulty is very high. After a few root attempts, while the multi license management app, but in fact it does not work _ (: з “∠) opinion. To prevent the user root with help of cheap compromise system security, this system is very hard.

System with most types of password protection on the market. When the password input is detected, either WiFi or a third-party account, the system will enter a password safe mode, force calls the native keyboard, the status bar will turn green and a message, screenshot feature will be blocked at this time, to prevent a third-party application stealing passwords.

Machine running and stable version of the MIUI is similar to score less volatile, can be within the margin of error.

Secure power management assistant, can set their own power-save mode system operation, the battery life of the party is more practical.


YunOS 3.0 UI and use logic, Ali, and native millet 3 MIUI V5 has a quite different, with more fresh. System improvement in cloud services, and security and privacy are far more than other systems on Kwame (bian) (Tai).

If your boyfriend/girlfriend has zhagang to check cell phone addiction, or you have high requirements for privacy and security, Ali YunOS would be a good choice. For early adopters like brush machine m 3 users, this system can also be a brush, it is based on performance and ease of use have been more mature and stable, has been used as a daily system capacity.


Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

Mobile power players One plus to call evaluation

With the development of smartphones, mobile power riding the wind hot. And after the shuffle, mobile power markets are mature, no longer simple battery source, volume determination. Circuit design for better protection, higher efficiency, better detail experience, become a breaking point. To feel good for selling a call, especially alternative. Cath Kidston Note 4 Case

A plus on the anniversary, and released its first mobile power, which today leads a call. For mobile phone makers, launched around their cell phone accessories can further improve the stickiness to form consumer inertia. For consumers, the subconscious is more willing to buy the same brand of product, their psychological protection.

Say one and calls, at the time of release declared that cost far more than the retail price of its 89, as true or false, we of course is unclear, but its performance does bring a very high price. High performance-price ratio, but that doesn’t mean in detail or functionally invisible to the shrinking one and calls both in the surface material or are doing quite well on dual-2A output, its claim of “will not”.

A large area of window, with red letters on a white background designs, makes one and calls very conspicuous. Overall packaging design is simple, clear packaging materials is strong enough. Name, model, and standard on the back. One plus call there are two colors, black and white, surface materials are combined with a mobile phone using the same paint, is also its primary reasons to feel superior.

Maybe one plus follow-up calls will offer bamboo, different surface materials such as denim, but given some reasons, this time had to wait quite a long time.

Family photo, is actually the standard mobile power, an instruction book and a data cable. On one and calling parameters, are detailed in the manual. Add calls using ATL lithium ion polymer, 10000mAh battery capacity standard values, the minimum value is 9960mAh, output and input voltages are 5 v.

According to the calculation of relevant parameters, add calls to standard output is a 37Wh, 36.852Wh output power. A call saying its conversion rate can reach more than 80%, to say the least 29.4816Wh power output and this is verified in subsequent practical test. Cath Kidston Note 4 Case

A call to most special selling point is its main handle, which is very special and rare in mobile power. And a voice said, a mobile power to handle. But in most of the scenarios, to bundle phone and mobile power supply used in quite a few, and a call is guaranteed to do this under the best conversion efficiency, making it feel as its added value.

One plus to call there are black and white and color, respectively, Black Baby Skin and friction, using paint and consistent a plus phone, for one-and this is undoubtedly the best choice for mobile phone users. Adds calls to render rounded corners on the left side transition, makes the grip more comfortable, 10000mAh brings 222g weight, of course, at least not the last easily.

Side can see the identification of the parameters identity and power. A call and do not set any hardware switch, but by shaking it to touch the power display and output. According to the remaining capacity, with the four blue LED is displayed.

Side is a power input ports and two output ports and two output ports, distant, while not forming an obstacle. When the output current, single output port operating up to 2A of output current, and if you work at each port output power is limited to 1 a, total of 2 a.

A Baby and calls Skin combined with a coating of the phone the same drawback is the same. After a short use, plus call has form a rubbed color and traces of use. In contrast, placing more smartphones to the mobile power is more casual, which means mobile power encounter friction collision probability is high. Although the design is not critical, but a call to trace more prone to wear and use, makes many OCD patients catch a bit of a hurry.

Test test using DC electronic load system, to simulate discharge test. Test projects including 5V/1A and 5V/2A, practical voltage and output power is measured separately and according to the formula “= actual output power/mobile power conversion efficiency nominal output power = (average discharge voltage * actual output capacity)/(actual battery capacity *3.7V)” conversion rates.

DC electronic load Tester, in the context of 5V/1A, and call the actual discharge power is 33.29Wh, with an average output voltage of 4.97V. Judging from the discharge curves, plus some very stable voltage fluctuations and large pressure drop of the discharge does not appear later, the output quality is excellent. Thus calculated, the conversion efficiency of 89.97%, is quite good.

Cath Kidston Note 4 Case

Move on the part of the power supply, plus calls are competent enough, known as best can be. On the content first, and calls using the the 10000mAh ATL lithium ion polymer, at 1A 89.97%, is a premium on the average price of its 89.

More important is, call a game at surface combined with a cell phone the same, using the same paint, creating excellent feel and beautiful design. The added value of this as a mobile power supply, making it cost-effective to upgrade. But what is more important is that it can raise a sense of identification and cell phone users, maybe this is the main reason to launch one and calls.

Google self driving car project CTO announced fourth generation Microsoft ice

Google self-driving car project CTO left at odds with the PEC

Google self-driving car project CTO announced; fourth-generation Microsoft ice came out, the embodiment of adult women | Lei feng's morning news

According to foreign media reports, Google’s self-driving car project kelisi·emusen, Chief Technology Officer (Chris Urmson) from Google’s departure on Friday. Google’s self-driving car project from the development stage into product manufacturing stages.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have been urmson said in a blog post on Friday, “I am ready to meet new challenges. ”

Urmson from the beginning of 2009, Google launched unmanned vehicle project joined Google. Under his leadership, Google’s driverless car fleet has accumulated for over 1.8 million miles (about 2.9 million-kilometer). Urmson’s departure comes as automakers began to emphasize technology and launched without human pilots when the driverless car.

Urmson will be the New York Times has previously reported news from Google’s departure. According to the report, urmson recently on the direction of Google’s self-driving car project is upset, and with Google co-founder Larry page (Larry Page) had an argument. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

Fourth-generation Microsoft ice came out, the embodiment of adult female

Google self-driving car project CTO announced; fourth-generation Microsoft ice came out, the embodiment of adult women | Lei feng's morning news

Yesterday Microsoft officially launched the fourth generation of artificial intelligence Assistant Microsoft ice. New little ice as the 18 year old adult female, new features include real-time emotional decision dialog engine, when all their senses and recognition in the Japanese and English languages, and widget platforms in different areas.

Upgraded fourth-generation small ice will upgrade the framework of affective computing, perception, understanding, expressed three new features make little ice with real-time decision making. In long-range interpersonal dialogue, little ice can be dynamic based on semantic and emotional judgment, decision-making, chatting in a dialog strategy, policy success rate as high as 72.2%. In addition, and like humans, small ice can also use different words to express the tone.

At the press conference, Microsoft showed off a Twitter user and small ice dialogue to illustrate new features. A new generation of small ice and the microblog users was 31 points in the dialogue through the continuous monitoring of user human emotions, context, success will be an emotionally negative user into a positive State of mind.

Google to create open source YOLO project, then you will stay away from passwords

Google self-driving car project CTO announced; fourth-generation Microsoft ice came out, the embodiment of adult women | Lei feng's morning news

United States Eastern time on August 4, Dashlane announced the cooperation with Google, joint development of an API called OpenYOLO open source project, YOLO is “you just have to login at a time” (You Only Login Once) abbreviation. This project allows developers to access stored passwords in the password manager so that users can log on Android devices more easily and safely.

Specifically, the end user experience: for example, when you log on when app, you need to enter a password, then if you install password management App1, then you’re going to micro-letter password obtained by App1, but App1 App1 requires you to input authentication code (and a password).

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

But if you have OpenYOLO, you can with the help of the open source API, do not manually enter App1 requirements of authentication codes directly from seek App1, App2 authentication code (provided that you saved in the App2, App1 code). Just to save on the overall steps to manually enter a password, to a large number of password manager is a unified specification.

Layout of artificial intelligence: Apple’s 200 million acquisition of machine learning company Turi Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

Google self-driving car project CTO announced; fourth-generation Microsoft ice came out, the embodiment of adult women | Lei feng's morning news

Turi was quoted GeekWire Apple recently acquired company, after the company named “Dato”, is located in Seattle startups engaged in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is understood that Apple bought the company for $ 200 million. Turi through artificial intelligence to help developers create applications that the company has successfully developed the Turi machine learning platform, and Turi GraphLab Create Predictive Services, being used in featured, fraud detection, sentiment analysis and other aspects.

GeekWire quoted reports according to the person familiar with the acquisition of insider Turi’s existing staff will continue to be in the Seattle area, this time to buy Apple official said: “Apple always has the habit of buying small tech companies, we do not normally publicly discuss acquisition and planning. ”

“Title of the party” too many: Facebook hit the message flow cheat click behavior


Google self-driving car project CTO announced; fourth-generation Microsoft ice came out, the embodiment of adult women | Lei feng's morning news

Beijing time on August 5 morning news, Facebook announced on Thursday that the next few weeks, Facebook message flow cheat click “title of the party” will be reduced. Currently, Facebook hopes to become the main news and social content platform.

Facebook Vice President of product management yadang·mosaili the message flow (Adam Mosseri) that Facebook now receives thousands of times a day on the “headline” cheat click complaints. These titles were either deliberately hide information or mislead users.

In order to combat it, Facebook has developed a system, identification and classification of such title, then identify which pages or domain names “headline” up, and cut its sorted in the message flow.

Facebook regularly updated news stream algorithms to show users the content they are most interested in, and encourage users to spend more time on the Facebook platform.

Jaunt VR push new content platform saves the user the tedious transcoding


Google self-driving car project CTO announced; fourth-generation Microsoft ice came out, the embodiment of adult women | Lei feng's morning news

VR Jaunt in the company on Tuesday announced that Jaunt Publishing program was officially launched. The platform allows professional VR content directly on the Jaunt on the VR application developers upload, publish their quality VR content.

Jaunt have insisted since the founding of the company in their own platforms and partners publish the highest quality, original VR content. With Jaunt Publishing programme launched, users can freely upload their works on the Janut platform. If users work through internal trial Jaunt, his Jaunt–cloud services will be available with YouTube and Facebook users who upload experience should be no stranger to transcoding – his works to play VR format. The Jaunt of cloud services company publicity objects, through the “clouds decoded” tools to avoid the cumbersome process of user’s own files one by one.

Friendly price Ematic sport waterproof camera 69 99

Today small series received has Qian paragraph time purchase of AR Drone 2.0, way Shang Ebay to sellers do evaluation, accident found the sellers and has new products last, which a paragraph Ematic SportsCam 1080p movement waterproof camera only sale $69.99 dollars (about 435 Yuan), United States territory package mail, with credit card and transit company hand price 500 around, compared up zhiqian introduced of Contour Roam2, the products of price more pro-people. Just Cavalli iPad mini

Friendly price! Ematic sport waterproof camera. 99

Ematic is the United States a major production of cheap old electronic equipment manufacturers, this product is equipped with 5 million pixels CMOS Sensor can shoot video or 60fps 720P video 30fps 1080P, 120 degree wide angle, with remote control, comes with a 2.4-inch touch display, water resistant to a depth of 32 feet (10 meters), the largest support for 32G memory card. Similar products such as AEE SD19 Taobao official shop sells for $ 1100 Yuan.

Seller Altatac is a popular seller on Ebay, points up to 330,000, praise 99.4%, Xiao bian recommended AR Drone before 2.0 is also the seller to sell goods.

Just Cavalli iPad mini

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  Just Cavalli iPad mini

Low price Monster Turbine 74 95

Low price: Monster Turbine. 95

After working with Beats Monster is cups before, but its Turbo series that Monster Turbine series sound quality is pretty good. This Monster Turbine-wire version, is the Turbo-series entry level. Good shape continues to tease out of the turbine, in terms of sound quality is recognized. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

Monster Turbine is currently a record low price of $ 74.95, about 460 Yuan, around 520 Yuan, domestic copper mines for the 1500 Yuan, the price advantage is obvious.

Purchase address Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

For now Apple missed the next hot technology

For now, Apple missed the next hot technology

On January 22, Beijing time, Microsoft took 2.5 hours to hold their press conference. At the press conference, Microsoft accidentally introduce a HoloLens and runs on Windows this is a brand new hardware on the Holographic products, Windows for virtual and augmented reality experience to create Holographic is Microsoft’s new platform. Juicy Couture uk

So far at least, people react to the HoloLens and the product has been very positive. 

Business Insider editor Matt Rosoff in Microsoft’s press conference on the same day have already tried the product. He said he believed that personal computers are on the brink of major change, such as head-mounted displays are expected to be a massive leap forward.

From all accounts, it sounds like augmented reality devices like Microsoft Hololens is the next hot technology. At this point, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Samsung, and others have invested hundreds of millions of, or even billions of dollars in these new virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Meanwhile, Apple is nowhere to be found in this area. 

Last June, the Business Insider published an article about Apple “interactive holograms” patent report, this patented technology is also a lot of people would like to see it become a reality of a technology. Apple’s patent application in October 2012, and announced in April 2014, Apple developed a system in the patent description, allowing the user to interact with the projected images and half hanging in the air, even to wave through the palms and iOS users have been using gestures to control and manipulate virtual objects.

For now, Apple missed the next hot technology

If Apple is using their patent, it’s not too late, and by various means they now open related projects. 

Apple iPhone business scale larger than most of the company’s overall operations, even beyond the gross domestic product of most countries. However, if Tim Cook and the company was not involved in promoting and virtual reality technology, the risk to Apple is probably miss the next “PC”.

Hardware and software for seamless

People believe that augmented reality is the next hot technology. Legendary pictures CEO Thomas Tull tried to use Magic Leap, this is a Google 542 million dollars to invest in startups, Magic Leap company with its “3D light sculptures” came to the market, the technology combines proprietary hardware and software.

For now, Apple missed the next hot technology

Thomas Tull said: “you can’t believe all of this, though it is one small thing that experience in my life, but it changed everything, it is a sign of the future. ” Juicy Couture iPhone 5 cases

As Microsoft and experience Magic Leap provided by those devices will soon become a very valuable tool, we cannot imagine a future without these devices we live. 

Matt Rosoff HoloLens brief experience in the process of using head-mounted device that he learned how to let experts rely on voice commands to his guide how to install a light switch, as well as in the real world by painting on top of the object to draw is what he needs.

For now, Apple missed the next hot technology

Matt Rosoff in a real living room playing video games “Minecraft” and even landing on Mars in a short time.

At present, frankly more than three types of experience, your smart phone or any other device is not available. Able to draw people can perceive the real world virtual elements, or turn your living room into a video game, or even Mars, these things are we smart in the past by fantasy or visible in the film. The seamless connection of hardware and software, isn’t that what Apple is good at something?

Starting from the early Apple Macintosh operating system, Apple has always been considered that it can create the integration of the hardware and software and provide a “magical experience” product. Apple, of course, will not miss the next trend in technology, not to mention Apple has $ 140 billion in cash.

Lucky is that for Apple still has plenty of time. Currently Microsoft, Magic Leap and Oculus all manufacturers such as augmented reality and virtual reality head-mounted devices are still in their “prototype” stage.

Considering that Apple is to develop first-class, reliable, stylish, and is famous for its intuitive devices, anyone, young or old can learn how to use their products. And when Apple showed the Apple after the Watch, Apple knows how to make one look attractive and comfortable, wearable device.

via businessinsider

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